Coding Bootcamp: Week Six and Seven (Stagnation and Impostor Syndrome)

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter about the past few weeks of coding for myself has been surrounded by the theme: stagnation. This has been a theme in my life at various times, which is usually preceded by life events that sort of knock the literal air out of you. I wrote a personal post [...]


Coding Bootcamp Week Five: My Empathy Project

Well, to be completely honest I did little to no work on my new project this week. I was sort of in a rut trying to solve algorithms and simply was unsure how to connect the logic with the proper language to solve the problems I was presented within the Firehose curriculum. After a great [...]

Which Coding Projects Interest You

This will be more of a lighthearted post to ask the question, "Which Coding Projects Interest You?" Are you simply looking to join a company and build their product or solve their software issues? Or are you looking to create something new? I have been asking myself this question because I have ideas that I [...]