Happenstance: How Love Can Be Found In The Most Unlikely Places

This particular blog is a lot more lighthearted and is an actual true story about how one of my closest friends (and cousin) ended up meeting his wife. I share a similar tale of how I met my significant other, but that is a story for another day. The reason for writing this blog is to remind [...]


Accepting Side Work As A Developer: When Is The Right Time?

My intention is to send this blog out into the world and hopefully receive some feedback from experienced developers. I mentioned in my last post that I have received requests or offers on numerous occasions to build a website or help on various projects as a side source of income. I have been turning these offers [...]

Coding Bootcamp: Week Six and Seven (Stagnation and Impostor Syndrome)

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter about the past few weeks of coding for myself has been surrounded by the theme: stagnation. This has been a theme in my life at various times, which is usually preceded by life events that sort of knock the literal air out of you. I wrote a personal post [...]