Awaiting Coding Bootcamp

This particular post will just be an excerpt to document where I am in my coding journey and to give a quick update on what I am doing while I wait for my cohort to begin. To put things mildly, I have caught the coding bug and have just been looking for resources like books, YouTube videos, [...]


The Best Web Development Road

Today I am writing a blog because I am going to be finishing a "pre-program" for a Coding Boot Camp. The school is called, The Firehose Project, which is based out of San Francisco and operates mainly on the interweb nowadays. The website for this school can be found here. My concerns are probably common when [...]

Embarking On A New Learning Adventure

Hello World! This is the first hint at my newly discovered passion of recent weeks. I have found a new and exciting challenge to keep myself occupied while I do school work. The challenge I have given myself is learning to code! My main focus has been on the front-end side of coding, which has many [...]