Coding Bootcamp: Week Three (Stylin’ and Profilin’)

Hello, my fellow coders, programmers, and those that may be interested in the field. My last post talked about a frustrating week I had in regards to solving errors found in my application, which is now semi-complete and can be found here. The application taught me a lot, which I will explain later on, but the [...]


Coding Bootcamp: Week Two (Cheat Sheets)

The conclusion of another week has come and gone in my Firehose journey to becoming a software developer. In full disclosure, my second week was definitely my most challenging week of learning to code to date. The reason for my struggle was probably self-induced, but it definitely tested my patience and my problem-solving ability! It all [...]

Coding Bootcamp: Week One

One week is in the books at TheFireHoseProject. I can definitely say that I am learning a great deal about web development, but I also have an enormous amount to learn about the intricacies of coding. This particular post will just be a brief overview of the application I built during my first week and [...]