Coding Bootcamp: Week Four (Algorithms)

Yes. If you are wondering if there is some math involved in coding or programming, then the short answer is definitely, "Yes." However, I believe it is dependent on which field of software engineering you are passionate about, and each field has its own particular need for variants of math discipline. In my particular learning experience, [...]


Coding Bootcamp: Week Three (Stylin’ and Profilin’)

Hello, my fellow coders, programmers, and those that may be interested in the field. My last post talked about a frustrating week I had in regards to solving errors found in my application, which is now semi-complete and can be found here. The application taught me a lot, which I will explain later on, but the [...]

Coding Bootcamp: Week Two (Cheat Sheets)

The conclusion of another week has come and gone in my Firehose journey to becoming a software developer. In full disclosure, my second week was definitely my most challenging week of learning to code to date. The reason for my struggle was probably self-induced, but it definitely tested my patience and my problem-solving ability! It all [...]