Moving Back Into Development

Start-Ups and MyCryptoverse

This blog has definitely suffered a bit as I joined a few startup projects over the course of the past year. Also, I created a new website and YouTube channel in MyCryptoverse. This particular outlet was another hobby aimed to help others navigate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The main goal was to be an accountable and informative resource for the community to use when learning about the disruptive technology.

There were definitely political and societal reasons for my choice of hobby. I believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can help billions of impoverished. There are a lot of attributes and possibilities that are positive with blockchain, but wide-scale adoption and the technology needed to use that technology are still years away (in my opinion).

Hobby Becomes Work

Regardless, this hobby gave me opportunities to work with startup tech companies aiming to get sources of crowdfunding income and capital that may have eluded them via traditional investment sources. Also, I had a decent grasp of cryptocurrency and how to manage certain aspects of the community.

So, my hobby became my job!


Except, cryptocurrency had a major downswing in overall capital in 2018, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) became sort of taboo. The space is rampant with fake projects and scammers that are simply taking up resources from legitimate projects without holding up their end of the bargain. It really became a stressful and almost deflating experience.


Obviously, this hurt the progress of some projects and the ability to raise capital became more difficult. The entire market was saturated with more ideas and offered the space less technology or MVP’s to evaluate the validity of a business. Furthermore, it illuminated what was needed for the space to thrive and possibly help projects secure funding by protecting both the company and investor.

This premise and my experience caused me to formulate my own startup and company in Connecteum.


Back To Development

Yes, even though I am working on two startup projects I am working on bettering myself with software development. I still wholeheartedly believe that programming and software engineering are tools (when utilized correctly) that change the world for the better. Also, the startup business is not for weak or poor. There is little to no pay at all, which (if you were wondering) makes it really difficult to live.

So, I am really focusing on OOP languages, frameworks, and methodology to hopefully roll those skills into a paying job. My ultimate short-term goal is to be able to code in a professional environment and hopefully solve some real world issues in the process!

Trust me when I say it sounds ambitious, but even if I shoot for the stars and land on the moon, I am still making progress!

This attitude to better myself and to learn programming has some caveats. One, I need to find some work that pays an inexperienced developer or is willing to train an inexperienced developer. Two, I definitely suffer from the impostor syndrome and getting over the anxiety of not knowing what I am doing or the inability to answer specific questions related to development are ever looming. Lastly, I also need to work on self-improvement in other facets of my life, too. Healthy living and eating habits need to be prioritized while I sit and focus on learning 12 hours a day.

So, I have created a giant daily routine that maps out specifically what I am doing throughout the day. This list includes a sleep schedule, food, exercise routine, topics to read/cover, and even menial tasks like brushing teeth or which room I am cleaning that day.

Yes, it is that thorough.


It may seem trivial, but I wanted to create an environment and structure that helped to keep me focused on the goals I want to accomplish. This includes being a healthy individual (which I am currently not) and learning as much programming and coding as I possibly can over the next few months.

The plan is to do a weekly update with this blog and possibly do a few YouTube videos to track my progress! My current self-directed project is creating a video tutorial/instructional platform for MyCryptoverse. I am not expecting any revenue from the courses I create, but I am hoping to learn a lot of code while I build it!

Here is a snapshot:


See you in a week!


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