Happenstance: How Love Can Be Found In The Most Unlikely Places

This particular blog is a lot more lighthearted and is an actual true story about how one of my closest friends (and cousin) ended up meeting his wife. I share a similar tale of how I met my significant other, but that is a story for another day.

The reason for writing this blog is to remind us of where we have been and to give us some perspective on life, what is important in our lives, and how little happenstances can sometimes have a huge impact on our journey through this time we have in the world.

So, I hope you enjoy this short tale.

These are the events that brought Brandon Fabian and Clelia Lega together to eventually be husband and wife.

The Random Video That Began It All (We Came In Like A Wrecking Ball)

Yes, you are reading the video title correctly. Somehow, I believe the title of the song and the overall humor of the video fit perfectly for the syncopation of the story.

I had received an email about 4 years ago with this particular video in it. It had been trending on Youtube, and for whatever reason, I was subscribed to receive emails with top trending videos that I may enjoy. Well, low and behold this video was at the top of the heap. A sort of parody skit that was meant to throw off any unsuspecting Chat Roulette participants. The video was an absolute genius piece of work, and equally hilarious.

My group of friends were not strangers to making parody films and hilarious skits. In fact, I feel like it was one of our stronger attributes growing up in a small town. Every chance we had to make a video in high school we relished the opportunity. We loved doing the video so much that we would ask to hop in other students videos. There was something about showing random, hilarious (probably not as funny as we thought), and thoughtful skits to our peers.

Some of our work included:

  • Goonies
  • Rocky
  • Rambo
  • French films based on Monty Python humor
  • Plenty more…

Yes, we are nerdy. And, yes, we love our nerdy movies.


Moving on.

Well, let’s just say that this video brought to our attention the need to fill that moviemaking void that had been missing, and it led us to discover this whole new application and world called Chat Roulette. Obviously, we were ignorant to its existence, but we were happy to dive in and give it a whirl.

So, the very next day Brandon and I went to the nearest Walmart and purchased a web camera in order for Douglas Larlham, Brandon, and I (we all lived together in the same apartment/flat) could go on this site to meet random people and do ridiculous things on camera. Fate would have it, that the very first night we decided to use the Chat Roulette site we would meet this beautiful, intelligent, and crazy woman from Naples, Italy.

The name of the woman was Clelia, and she happened to be the only person we ended up speaking to for any length of time. We talked to her for hours and hours. We covered all sorts of topics, but her main reason for talking to us so much was because she was trying to learn/practice English to help her get a job here in America when she finished her Doctorate.

Little ole Italian Clelia rambling on like a crazy person while she smoked her cigarettes.

At the end of our first encounter with Clelia, we all exchanged Facebook friendship requests. This was a period in our lives where I had created a group called “Bohemian Children Unite” and sent her an invitation to join the group. This was actually the only exchange we had with Clelia for several months. It was a post about wanting to go to Italy that brought her back into our lives for good.

(In the background Brandon and Clelia began speaking occasionally, too.)

Here is our first exchange:


Her message was simply that she had visited the US, now it is our turn to visit Italy. Her request was that we made sure to visit her. In fact, she insisted that it would be rude to not visit since she is our only friend in Italy. Hard to argue with that logic.

Well, one thing led to another and Italy fell through from our plans. I was actually planning my trip to the Philippines at the time, which needed my budget more than Italy. So, instead of going to Italy to see Clelia, we began using Facebook Messenger and Skype to mold our friendship.

Clelia would tell me literally everything that was on that 100 miles an hour mind of hers. We talked about her friends, her family, her job, her research, and of course – Brandon. She would tell me how she was literally crazy, like legit crazy, and of course how much she liked Brandon (the good looking one).

Fast Forward A Few Months (New York)

So, there had been some arrangements made by Clelia to visit New York with her friend Emmanuel. The idea was that Brandon I were going to drive there to meet them. It was logical because we had built this relationship over video chat and messenger. It was time to actually hang out and grab food or drinks like normal friends. However, after speaking with Clelia numerous times about her nervousness to meet and hang out with Brandon it was apparent that my company should be postponed to a later time. It was evident that Clelia had developed real feelings for Brandon and this was their moment to explore it.

So, I tried to tell Brandon that there might be a real possibility that she was beginning to really, really like him and insisted that he go to New York alone for the trip. It took a bit of convincing, but he eventually relinquished the pursuit of my company and took to the road solo cup-style.

Well, let’s just say my evil plan to take over the world worked (Ren and Stimpy anyone? No? You’re right!). Okay, it wasn’t really my plan, but I like to think that my decision to withdraw helped spark the beginning of their romantic relationship.


Love is Love (Boy that’s deep)

I decided to write this out of pure random inspiration. I had been talking to Brandon about their relationship and I just felt like it might be a good time to reminisce about where love begins and how it can be found in the most unlikely of places.

So, even if those two are a little crazy, and their relationship is a little unorthodox, love is love.

To think that their story just happened to be created by fate or happenstance formed by a suggestion from a simple email I received four years ago with a random video of a half-naked man.

I hope you enjoyed the story!



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