Coding Bootcamp Week Five: My Empathy Project

Well, to be completely honest I did little to no work on my new project this week. I was sort of in a rut trying to solve algorithms and simply was unsure how to connect the logic with the proper language to solve the problems I was presented within the Firehose curriculum. After a great mentor session, I was able to wrap my solution in the proper method to adhere to the parameters set by the school. This was definitely a relief and has opened me back up to work on my version of the Flickster application: Empathy.

A Quick Overview

I had mentioned in my previous blog post that I had hoped to combine my background in Psychology and my new love for coding. My core belief is that empathy has the capability to change the world. If we can focus on what triggers actions of giving, helping others, and putting ourselves in the shoes of individuals that we have no prior connection to, then humanity has a real chance at creating a society free from things like inequality, poverty, and various detrimental characteristics that cause despair.

Obviously, this is a grand gesture of optimism that probably lies on the same plane as utopian ideals; however, I believe that capitalism breeds individualism, and technology in many instances creates a separation of communities and relationships. Thus, teaching principles of empathy and creating an application that establishes an importance of helping, understanding, and togetherness would help innovate society as a whole. It is my belief that using technology that often divides people can subsequently give them a reason to connect.

In Closing

I am not going to bore everyone with the semantics of empathy, Aristotelian philosophy on ethics and politics, or anything else right now. My main purpose of this blog is to express my passion for both coding and Psychology. The application I am building and hosting on Heroku is in its infancy stage, and only a beginning iteration of my vision for the application I hope to build someday. I do think it will take a lot of work, and possibly generations for humanity to develop the skills necessary to create a society based on empathic principles. But, I believe it is possible and in our best interest as people to adapt to a lifestyle rooted in love and happiness.

Thank you for reading!








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