Which Coding Projects Interest You

This will be more of a lighthearted post to ask the question, “Which Coding Projects Interest You?” Are you simply looking to join a company and build their product or solve their software issues? Or are you looking to create something new?

I have been asking myself this question because I have ideas that I would like to try and code. There are applications that I would like to try and create that I feel may benefit people or even better the world. However, having the stability and security of holding a junior developer position seems like a necessity. If this is a necessity, then can your interests align with your need of job security?

There are several ideas that I have had when I began embarking on this coding adventure, and I believe I can persevere through this vast programming world to achieve the goals I have set for myself. So, since I am new to blogging and I wanted my blogging project to be a place of full disclosure, I want to share my coding application ideas. My goal is to share the passion I have for this new field and hopefully find other individuals that share this new passion.

List of Application Ideas:

  1. An app to help teach empathy to children. This can be used for anyone, but I was taking the idea that teaching empathy at a young age can make a powerful impact on a person. My vision is that this helps impact the world in a positive way.
  2. An app that probably already exists but I think it may be beneficial for how the world is evolving to paperless technology and alternative monetary transactions. To find a seamless exchange and transaction platform for crypto currencies.
  3. A video game app for mobile devices. This application sort of uses a platform similar to PokemonGO, which gave users the reason to go explore and be active. The design may be complex and I imagine this is way beyond my abilities for a long period of time. The goal would be to implement its own economy and market place. This would give users the reason to play and explore the game because it would allow users to build better items or sell items for possible monetary value.

I have four or five more ideas, but these are the three that I think about the most. Let me know what some of your favorite ideas are or if you prefer solving issues within an organization.

I will be releasing my weekly coding bootcamp blog Thursday or Friday.



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