Coding Bootcamp: Week Four (Algorithms)


If you are wondering if there is some math involved in coding or programming, then the short answer is definitely, “Yes.” However, I believe it is dependent on which field of software engineering you are passionate about, and each field has its own particular need for variants of math discipline. In my particular learning experience, which is currently limited to about eight weeks, the math I have needed has also been limited. I would even argue that it is more about understanding logic than anything really sophisticated.


One great aspect of the bootcamp being run at The Firehose Project is the cross between application building and gaining computer science skills rooted in algorithm training. Week four and five of my coding program will be focused on learning concepts based on logic, which constitutes learning how to build and solve problems by creating algorithms. Currently, the few early challenges are building a card deck and creating arrays that focus on blurring a pixeled image.

To some, this may seem like an easy task to code, but for a beginner, it can be a daunting task to find out where to start the process. I definitely fall into the latter and finding supplemental reading, Youtube videos, and writing out solutions on pen and paper help me understand how to build things like 2D arrays. If you fall into my category, then I would suggest following my lead and finding alternate solutions to help build your understanding of the topics.

Step back and think about what you are trying to build.

What types of logic are necessary for your algorithms to work inside the parameters of the language you are using to build the application?

Map it out.

Then, begin to code and listen to the errors being fed back through your terminal and resolve.

Finally, refine and refactor the code. There may be another tool that allows you to cut out certain lines and make your code a lot cleaner.

I hope you enjoyed the short update and I look forward to sharing more about my new application called Empathy. It brings my two worlds of coding and psychology together, which will hopefully help bring my main goal of bettering the world to fruition.




3 thoughts on “Coding Bootcamp: Week Four (Algorithms)

    1. Hello Isamuel1,

      I had made a post earlier about a book I have for algorithms, which is written by MIT professors (I believe). There was a post for a free version on the internet somewhere, but you can find the title here.

      As for the Youtube videos, I usually do a search for something specific to what I need to learn. For instance, I need to know how to deal with arrays and making 2D arrays for the program I am learning. I found two or three really good tutorial series videos about learning Ruby and some of the lessons are very specific to what I need to learn. Two content creators I found with a good set of Ruby videos are edutechional and Serenconoclast.

      There are many other resources out there, but these few helped me learn some topics that I needed help on. I hope it helps you too.


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