Being Neo and Becoming ‘The One’

The decision has been made and I have jumped in with both feet on software development. Yesterday I decided to make my initial deposit for the program and I will begin my boot camp in a couple of weeks! This comes on the heels of creating my first completely coded web page from the ground up and finishing the pre-work to apply for the program. Here is a link to the website I coded. The site was made with the basic HTML and CSS languages with a touch of Javascript, and the programs were coded in Ruby. I will be using this site throughout the course to showcase the new programs I learn to create throughout the 22-week program and will play fiddle to this blog.

My hope is to gain enough knowledge in this program to springboard my skills and understanding of coding, which will eventually help me to create the programs I have in mind to possibly better education and make the world a better place. This is just one reason why this field really excites me! I feel like the potential to do good with coding is almost limitless (if you are willing to work hard and hone in the skills necessary to be effective). If I can make sure to stay as passionate about coding and learn the basic structure, problem-solving, algorithms, and techniques to build clean/efficient code, then I feel like learning new languages and the syntax of those languages will be the easy part of this journey.

I think I have already highlighted the coding school I will be using for the boot camp, but to reiterate my choice I will list the school again here: The Firehose Project. Here is one of the many videos that the two founders created about learning to code:

A few key things I liked about this particular program are:

  1. Reasonable price for the program ($6500-$8500) compared to some programs that are priced anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 or more.
  2. The format suits me and gives me flexibility. The program is delivered online and is 22 weeks long. This will allow me the extra time if I do not get a concept to understand the material, and I can do it in my underwear!
  3. The feeling I get from people at the company is really genuine. The few conversations I have had have all been really positive, and the mentors really take the time to guide you.

I am sure there are even more positives, but those are the few that mean a lot to me. Anyways, I wanted to make a quick update and let you know the next step on my journey to transformation to being ‘The One’. =)



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