The Best Web Development Road

Today I am writing a blog because I am going to be finishing a “pre-program” for a Coding Boot Camp. The school is called, The Firehose Project, which is based out of San Francisco and operates mainly on the interweb nowadays. The website for this school can be found here.

My concerns are probably common when concerning which direction one should take for a possible career path. Questions like: Is this the right decision? Is this the right fit? Are there better options to pursue the same information/knowledge/eventual ending place? I am not sure I possess enough information to tell me if I should use this tool for my benefit or if I should continue down the free resource road to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent web developer/software engineer.

The few pieces of information that I have regarding this road are centered on the rigor of the information being taught in a short amount of time, the success of students using this platform to get a career in the industry, and that the information is guided by professionals in real time to help with any questions. Now, there is a running understanding that web development is now a copy/paste community because most of the issues found for many can be found on resources readily available on the internet. Places like Github, StackOverflow, and good old Google will point you in the right direction if you catch a snag on your program. So, how does this translate to completing a boot camp?

I think I would have to fall on the idea that professionals would be leading my education, and asking the right question might be the most important aspect of looking for information when programming. One thing I have noticed over my very early look into this technological niche is that I need structure to build a program. I can pick up on some concepts, but building applications the correct way and using the resources or commands available within a given framework is crucial to being a good developer. Trying to find information on my own about specific functions or ways to refactor work is a long and tedious process; furthermore, the benefit of having a community working on the same task with someone leading the instruction seems like a really good idea to push my learning further and much faster.

Well, I guess I am still torn, but I am leaning towards completing a boot camp to see where it leaves me on the other side. This particular camp is much cheaper, which is nice and brings its own concerns about the quality of the education and its applicability. However, I feel like the individuals that run the program are genuine and really do care about how you perform. The risk is a minimal investment for what might reap huge benefits for creating the applications I have in mind to “change the world.”





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