Embarking On A New Learning Adventure

Hello World!

This is the first hint at my newly discovered passion of recent weeks. I have found a new and exciting challenge to keep myself occupied while I do school work. The challenge I have given myself is learning to code!

My main focus has been on the front-end side of coding, which has many languages in its own right, but my initial focus has been on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have discovered an enormous amount of resources that are both free and extremely helpful. From Youtube videos to entire communities of coders, to sites like Free Code Camp – there are literally thousands of opportunities to learn a field that is in high demand and possibly an essential skill for future generations.

This new task has rejuvenated my spirit and definitely given me more energy for the monotonous days of late. I will try to keep a running record of my progression and try to upload any applications that I may code in the future.




One thought on “Embarking On A New Learning Adventure

  1. Good luck with your coding blog. I’m doing Free Code Camp as well- I’m about 3 weeks in and struggling with JavaScript 😦 It’ll be interesting to follow your progress.


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