Being Neo and Becoming ‘The One’

The decision has been made and I have jumped in with both feet on software development. Yesterday I decided to make my initial deposit for the program and I will begin my boot camp in a couple of weeks! This comes on the heels of creating my first completely coded web page from the ground [...]

The Best Web Development Road

Today I am writing a blog because I am going to be finishing a "pre-program" for a Coding Boot Camp. The school is called, The Firehose Project, which is based out of San Francisco and operates mainly on the interweb nowadays. The website for this school can be found here. My concerns are probably common when [...]

Sometimes Backwards Is Moving Forwards

The title of this blog may be a bit cliché, but I found over the course of the past week that the statement fits my situation. My focus has been on learning more about business, leading, programming, and trying to better myself in areas that I lack conviction. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Moving [...]


Moving Back Into Development

Start-Ups and MyCryptoverse This blog has definitely suffered a bit as I joined a few startup projects over the course of the past year. Also, I created a new website and YouTube channel in MyCryptoverse. This particular outlet was another hobby aimed to help others navigate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The main goal was to [...]

Living Without You

June 17, 2018. Happy Father's Day. This year will be the year that I have walked the earth longer without you than with you. It was always a strange feeling realizing that you were no longer with us. A feeling that could only be described as emptiness mixed with sadness and a hint of confusion. [...]